Getting turned down by Duck & Waffle over dress code in the late evening turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

An illustration of “Best Mangal”, a Turkish Kebab shop in Old Street, London, by Jensen Lo.
An illustration of “Best Mangal”, a Turkish Kebab shop in Old Street, London, by Jensen Lo.
“Best Mangal”, a Turkish Kebab shop in Old Street, London. Illustration: Jensen Lo.

“I know it’s our graduation day but I have a coach to catch. Congrats guys! See you when I’m officially unemployed.”

Bidding farewell to my course mates, I left the campus as I was heading to London with my family. It was in the evening when we left Southampton.

Knowing that we won’t be arriving in London till the late evening, I made a reservation for Duck & Waffle — the only time slot which allowed me to make a last minute reservation.

Arriving in Victoria Coach Station, the rain was pouring down and we were waiting for an Uber…

Your “Chinese-ness” can be judged immediately by which menu you order from in a Chinese Restaurant

Illustration: Jensen Lo

It was the restaurant I would go to when I was lazy to cook. It was the place I would go to when I was sick. It was the place I would go with my friends if we were celebrating. End of finals, Chinese New Years, handing in our dissertations.

It was the Chinese restaurant right beside my apartment, 88 Chinese Restaurant. Life wouldn’t be complete without an adopted Chinese family when you’re living abroad. And, mine was in the Chinese restaurant which was five minutes away from where I lived. …

A WhatsApp Inbox for Your Sales and Customer Support Teams

Photo: YesHello

Over a month ago, as businesses were starting to open up amid the controlled relaxation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, our team established a mission to help businesses in Malaysia to survive the current crisis and thrive sooner rather than later by offering a solution for them to manage their sales and customer support team effectively.

As our founder and CEO, Carliff Rizal has set out to “help entrepreneurs who want to grow their business but don’t have a system to instantly engage and interact with their customers on-demand”.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce the launch…

Reimagining the car buying process with digitalization and messaging apps

Illustration: Alta Hego

According to a study published by Think With Google, nowadays, auto or car shoppers pay only two visits on average to the car dealerships in their journeys in shopping for their dream vehicles. This accentuates the importance of establishing a digital marketing strategy in the automotive industry as consumers today are carrying out their research via the internet and mobile to find a suitable vehicle before actually scheduling an appointment with a car dealership. …

As the trend of integrating chatbot into the automotive industry is rising gradually, here are the three of the most creative use cases.

Illustration: Alta Hego

1. BMW’s Workshop Customer Service Chatbot

(Note: This use case was written based on the case study provided by MessengerPeople)


The BMW headquarters in Munich encountered a drastic increase in customer appointments when summers and winters were approaching as the customers would like to change to summer or winter tires according to the season.

During these peak periods, the number of customers who were directed to a central call center to book their appointments skyrocketed. This has resulted in a rise in the request for a callback from the responsible service consultant. …

No coding required… You just need a customer driven mindset

Would love to improve your customer support experience by building a Chatbot? Let us show you these few simple steps. Illustration: Alta Hego

Before building a WhatsApp Chatbot…

There are some prerequisites to build and design a WhatsApp Chatbot for your customer support.

First, you would need a dedicated mobile number assigned to WhatsApp. Therefore, you shouldn’t build the chatbot with the WhatsApp account which is registered with your personal mobile number or any private contact number.

Next, you would require a platform to start building the chatbot and an API service to connect the chatbot to WhatsApp.

Apart from these technical requirements to build your WhatsApp Chatbot, it is essential to identify the problem your users encounter in which you would like…

Transition into a new model amid crisis

Chatbot Malaysia helps you to automate your customer support with personalized interactions. Illustration: Alta Hego

When we started Chatbot Malaysia, our mission was to help small and medium enterprises (SME) who aimed to scale and grow their businesses with automation and digital marketing. As online marketing grew immensely in popularity, in the beginning of 2020, we set out to help the entrepreneurs in achieving their marketing goals with our end-to-end solutions which included utilizing our expertise in Facebook Ads campaigns, workflow automation and Chatbot integration.

COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced in Malaysia in the month of March. It has caused a severe disruption in the…

After an amazing week in Athens, I found myself stranded in Gatwick during the midnight and ended up in a porridge shop surrounded by colourful buildings.

A bowl of porridge in which I wasn’t very familiar with. Illustration: Jensen Lo

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London Gatwick Airport. The local time is 12:30 am.”

I landed at Gatwick just after midnight from my tiring yet remarkable week in Athens. Peeking through the window, there was a heavy drizzle — even though, this was in the month of July.

Ughhh… I’m back in this depressing country. I complained inside my head with great resentment towards the English weather as those who’ve lived in the UK would, after coming home from a vacation in just about anywhere else.

As I was expecting my family to arrive in a day, I had booked…

Illustration by Jensen Lo

I had struggled to find like-minded Asians who embrace their racial identity apart from my British cousin. Even after more than a year since I moved to the UK. I didn’t feel the sense of belonging in the British Asian community, particularly in my university.

It was till one serendipitous encounter when I went to Roti King — arguably the best Malaysian Restaurant in London for the first time. After taking a tube ride to Euston, it took only a few minutes of walking before I saw an old-fashioned white restaurant sign with dull red fonts, “Euston Chinese Restaurant”.


You’d never felt out of place until you’ve stepped into a meat market in the middle of Athens as an Asian kid.

Varvakeios Central Market. Photo by Jensen Lo.

This is not a story about the ancient Greek buildings and the iconic Acropolis. On the contrary, it is a story which does not involve any tourist attractions that would instantly remind people of Athens. It is a story about an ordinary address on the guide written by my Airbnb host, Marina.

Ipiros, Filopimenos 4, Athens (Near Monastiraki metro station). This one is very nice and special, it is inside the Central Meat Market called Varvakeios.”

No, I…

Jensen Lo

I write about the Asian experience I grew up with and would like to connect with like-minded people through storytelling. Connect at

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